Pay it forward

I would like to welcome you to my blog feature page, this page is dedicated to "paying it forward." I have been blessed in so many ways and would like to bless someone else, rather it be big or small. Once a month I want to try to feature a fellow bloggers one this page in hopes that it will give them some well deserved recognition. We are all small bloggers and the only way to succeed is if we help lift each other up. All I ask of you is that you try to pay it forward for someone else, you never know what blessings are in store for you. All you have to do is send me an email to and in the email, tell me why you started blogging and what your blogs are about. Along with a link to your blog page so that I can post it on my feature page. Last and this is most important, in the email write a simple statement saying I have your permission to feature your blog on my feature page. Hope to feature you all soon, Carolyn G.

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Takes By Jay

Hey my name is Jay and welcome to my website! Here you will find the latest movie reviews, local restaurant reviews, and various rambles from my crazy mind. Come and enjoy!


Terrika Davis

My name is Terrika Davis. I'm married to an amazing man and we have a 5 year old son. I currently have a YouTube channel where I show a glimpse of my little families life. I also like to share my recipes and cleaning routines. Feel free to visit my blog where I blog about lifestyle, Christ and beauty.


Kreative Pages

My name is Katlyn. I am a self-taught web designer. I originally created websites as a hobby while in high school. Since then I have made websites for non profit organizations, blogs, online stores, etc. Now I'm currently a freshman in college and I have decided to turn this hobby into a business. Visit my site to see my work.