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Time for 2018 Vision Board

Wow, where has the time (Year) gone. It is already November and time to get ready for Thanksgiving and next Christmas, soon after that New Year’s will be ringing in. Time waits for no one and I hope you are using it to the best of your ability. It's that time of year when I sit down and evaluate how my year has gone and how much of my vision board has been completed.

2018 Vision Picture.jpg

It is now time to complete my 2018 vision board. I'm seriously thinking about doing a physical board this year instead of a digital one. Maybe I will have a vision board party, who knows. I believe when you put your visions/goals in your face it's motivates you to work on them.

2018 Vision .jpg

I did not reach every goal/vision I had, but I accomplished a lot. So, the ones I did not complete, I will decide if they are still important to me and if they are they will move forward into 2018. Time to focus, plan, and set my goals for the upcoming year. Time to purchase a 2018 planner, set my new goals and lay them out on my vision board.

Vision Board 2017.JPG

I just realized that I will be 54 in four months, and I feel that the older I get the more things I seem to accomplish. The older you get the more you understand how prioritizing, planning, and organizing is important when it comes to making your life as stress free as possible. Try something new in 2018, something that you would never try Step outside your comfort zone and feel what it’s like to challenge yourself. Make it one of your goals, and who knows you may enjoy it and challenge yourself further.

Embrace Who You Are

Embrace Who You Are

We Switch to Natural Products

We Switch to Natural Products