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How I get my Inspiration
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When I’m doing a project or decorating around my house I try and think creatively. First I think of what project or what I want to decorate and why, net I give myself a timeline. I never rush so my timeline can be anywhere from a week to a couple of months. Once I have set my timeline, I set a budget and decide what theme or color scheme I would like to use.

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Once all this is complete I set out looking for inspiration, sometimes I use Pinterest or I may look at a YouTube video or two. But mainly I go shopping and look for a piece that inspires me; this is what works for me most. When you are looking at the pieces you may want to use, you can put the colors next to each other so that you can get an idea of what everything will look like.

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Next I find a piece or two that I can draw my inspiration from, and from there I purchase my items and decorate around them. I am currently working on my dining room table; I have purchased a few pieces to decorate around. Above you will find my current table decor; my inspiration for this was the gold plates and the white fur wine holder. I have found that this lets me be so much more creative, then just looking at pictures online. Check out my YouTube Videos related to my current table. Links below.



Problems are like annoying guest

Problems are like annoying guest

No Inspiration Anywhere

No Inspiration Anywhere