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Embrace Who You Are

I am rarely seen with my natural hair out, gray hair and all (well mostly in its natural state), I tend to stick with a sew-in. I realize that my hair is not as hard to manage as I thought it would be, with the right products it has been very soft and manageable. I finally got this bun the way I want and these edges laid, most importantly, I still look presentable. 

Loving my natural.jpg

I have always been afraid of my hair being to nappy, hard to manage, or I was worried about how much time I would have to spend on it. But due to financial reasons, we wanted to clear up some funds. So for some reasons without hesitation, I decided to stop spending all the money I spend on my hair. I decided I would play around with this natural thing, well I will be wearing the occasional wigs.

Beauty is what you make it.jpg

I have learned that appearance is not all about, the money you spend to keep your hair looking good. You have to learn to work with what God has given you. The more you get to know your hair, and figure out what works for you, the easier it becomes, and the more you learn to love it, in its natural state. Forget all the negativity people try to feed into you, about what you can and cannot do with your hair. Or how your hair is too nappy to look good, and how bad people look with their kinky hair.

Naturally Me.jpg

 Embrace what you have, Love what you have, and make it do what it do. Your natural is beautiful!!

My Journey from Damaged to Healthy

My Journey from Damaged to Healthy

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