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Tips for Creating Your Vision

I like to refresh my home every 4 to 6 months, it keeps me focused. I am currently working on my kitchen, dining room, and living room areas. Of course, with that comes cost, so I do as many DIY’s as possible, and what I cannot or do not want to DIY, I bargain shop for. I am good at finding bargains, and coupon for extra savings, and I decided this go around, what I choose will be with me for a while.

Rose Gold Baskets.jpg

I start with choosing my color scheme, then I pick an accessory that will bring everything together. Right now, I am into the Marble and Rose Gold look. I like to combine textures, so I am using fur and the hammered look on my Rose Gold chargers. So, I decided that I would combine the two colors and the different textures, and come up with my dining room table look. Sometimes it takes me months to pull it all together, because I am looking for the perfect piece to fit into my vision.

Table Set Up.jpg

In my kitchen I am slowly changing everything to the copper look, I have started by changing out all my canisters with the glass ones with the copper lids. I have also started purchasing copper pots to replace my existing red ones. I have also found wooden spoons with copper handles, as well as a copper spoon holder.

Copper everything.jpg

My living room I have not gotten started on, but I do have a baker’s rack in between my living ad dining room which I have turned into an entertainment center. I am currently looking for some tables, and lamps, my furniture will have to wait. For now, I will access with pillows, art work, and different plants and rugs. I am never in a rush when it comes to my visions, because I never know what I want to add to my ideas until I see it. I have taken up to a year to complete a vision, because there was something missing even though I had no clue what it was, until I came across it in the store or online.

Bakers Rack.jpg

“Putting a Time Line on your vision is like putting a limit on your imagination”

Embracing my Uniqueness

Embracing my Uniqueness

My first Bentonite Clay Mask

My first Bentonite Clay Mask