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My first Bentonite Clay Mask

So this weekend I decided to try out the Bentonite Clay Mask on my hair. My hair has a really dry texture and I was looking for a way to get some extra moisture in it. I have to say that it looked a little intimidating at first. After all, what could it hurt, so I went to Earth Fare and purchased a bottle of it. I looked at a couple of YouTube video to see how people were mixing and applying it to their hair.

Bentonite Clay.jpg

I decided that since it is a new year, I would stop being afraid to try new things. So I mixed it with Apple Cider Vinegar and applied it to my hair. This is the messiest process I have ever done, but after applying I did see the curls come out in my nature hair. I am transitioning so I had two different textures. The curls began to pop right away, which made my heart smile.

CLay Mask.jpg

After applying the product to my entire head and the product started to harden, I started to panic. This was the last thing I needed, I was trying to put moisture in not take it out. I decided that the damage was already done, so I would leave it on the 30 min everyone was talking about. After I removed the shower cap I had placed on my head, I realized that it had soften up a little. So I rinsed the clay out and to my amazement, my hair was soft and the curls were still there. I have decided to use this in my hair maybe once a month or once every other month.  

Hair Mask.jpg

~Fear will keep you from benefiting on the unknown~

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