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Introducing-The Gray Matter
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As you all know I’ve been transitioning my natural hair for 7 months now. On this journey I have learned some things as well as failed at some things. I’ve been frustrated, annoyed, and even defeated dealing with my hair but all in all, I’ve learned to embrace, enjoy, and adapt to my natural hair.

I have chosen to use no heat, and no color on my hair, and embrace it in its natural state as God had intended me to.

With that being said; I guess you can say I am on two journeys with my hair. My gray has started to show, after many years of rinsing it, I am now deciding to embrace it. I would like for you all to follow me on this new journey to going complete gray/silver. I will call this journey ‘The Gray Matter’, kind of catchy isn’t it? On this journey I will learn how to manage my gray, as well as learn it all while making it look stylish.

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There are several reasons that I have chosen to go gray: I love the way it looks, it is in its natural state, and I am embracing my age and my hair for what it is (w/o the chemicals). We were born natural, and yet we are always trying to change our appearances to fit a beauty standard and as I grow older, I no longer feel the need to. I want to see what being natural looks like in its entirety and redefine what I see as my own personal beauty standard. This journey will be more about self-love and liberation rather than just how I look, this is a spiritual road I am walking to just be “ME”.

I’ve seen many women, both young and older all natural and it’s is the most beautiful and liberating sight for me. Seeing them serves as inspiration to me. Now as I look in the mirror to do my hair, I see my growing gray patch and it makes me smile. With that being said; I hope you all will follow along with me on my trip to “Gray Matter”. I look forward to seeing where this journey will take me physically as well as spiritually.

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