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Tips to saving money and finish you projects

Tips to saving money and finish you projects

When you set goals for 2019, and now they must be placed on hold due to something out of your control. I am part of the partial government shut down, and I am currently on furlough. This has truly thrown Murphy’s law into our plans. I now must stop our sinking funds, our debt payoff, and re-budget our income. But who will not let it get them down is me, no stress in my life is very important. With no pay, comes no money to finish my Boss room (so I thought).

Cushion recover.jpg

I already had the pieces for my desk, and I had paint around the house, as well as fabric I was no longer using. So, projects are what will one of my focuses. I completed my DIY IKEA desk, for my room, as well as painted some curtain rods, painted a chair and recovered a chair cushion. (I still need work on recovering cushions part, lol).


If you look around your house, you will find a lot of things, that you can re-purpose and save money on. Say for example the throws/blankets you are no longer wanting, the old furniture which colors you no longer like. All of these can be either painted, dyed, sewn, and used to cover other items.  When money is low, this is the best way to go (hey that rhymed lol).


Having a job, that you are no longer getting paid for, and can no longer go to, because you are on furlough can not only stressful, but it can also be boring, and depressing. So, I say, find something to keep you busy and keep you sane. These are a few tips, that work for me, and hopefully they can help someone else.

The beginning of our Debt Free Journey

The beginning of our Debt Free Journey